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DJI Phantom 4 Pro v2

Colorado Drone Chargers for Phantom

Shen Drone Squirt v2 + Go Pro 10

GEPRC Cinelog 35 Pro +. Go. Pro 11

BetaFPV Pavo Pico + DJI AU03

Axonfly is ready for all Post processing; Equipped with MacPro, FSI Monitor, Davinci Resolve Studio, Adobe Creative Suite, PTGUI Final Cut Pro and Metashape.

Drone Tours

Immersive FPV flying tours of Real Estate or Business.


FPV Videography for Action Sports & Events

Capture your Action Sports sporting event in dynamic FPV footage  using powerful 6s Drones and GoPro and Iphone 14 Pro Cameras.


Virtual Twins | 3D Mapping

For Set Designers, Architectural Firms, Developers, Insurance Adjusters and Realtors; here is the opportunity to capture a land asset in a Bespoke 3D Map as a Virtual Twin of the immobile. 


"A New Look At Familiar Things"

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